Welcome to the Federal Attorney's Office of Consumer (PROFECO) web site. This portal contains basic information on the PROFECO in English. Click on the following link to access the complete PROFECO portal in Spanish. Mexico is the second Latin-American country with a Federal Law of Protection to the Consumer and the first one in creating an Attorney's office. The Mexican experience is important, specially for the countries that start being employed at the protection of the rights of the consumers. On February 5, 1976, the Federal Law of Protection to the Consumer enriches the social rights of the Mexican people, which for the first time establishes rights for the consuming population and believe a specialized agency in the proxy of justice in the sphere of the consumption. There are born like that the National Institute of the Consumer and the Federal Attorney's office of the Consumer, this one as organism decentralized of social service, juridical personality and own patrimony with functions of administrative authority entrusted to promote and protect the interests of the consuming public.



Protect and promote Consumer’s rights, ensuring the equity in trade relationships that strengthen a culture of responsible consumption and access to better market conditions for products and services, ensuring reliability, lawfulness and legal certainty with the regulatory framework of Human Rights for consumers. .




Become an amicable institution, effective in the protection and defense of consumers, known for its strict enforcement of the laws, able to promote citizen participation and education for responsible consumption.


Protect and defend the consumers’ rights.

Promote consumers’ rights.

Foment a culture of intelligent consumption.

Promote equity in trade relationships.

Ensure legal certainty in trade relationships.

Improve Institutional performance

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